Of remnants and traces: archive fiction, archives in fiction

Department of Languages and Cultures, University of Aveiro, Portugal
23-24 November 2023




Contemporary culture is witnessing what has been designated as archival turn (cf. e.g. Foster or Guasch). This trend may help to account for the “archival fever” which much contemporary literature appears to stem from, and which has consistently been addressed from a variety of critical standpoints (cf. Boulter, Benzon, Codebò, Piégay).

Seeking to gather researchers from literary studies and other related areas, this two-day conference will reflect on and debate archive fiction, analyzing its prevalence and diversity of manifestations in both Portuguese and foreign contexts. In addition to the in-person scientific discussion on the topic which will be strongly encouraged, a selection of texts delivered at the conference is expected to be published in an edited volume.

Proposals that may contribute to a deeper knowledge, discussion and analysis of the modes of interrelation of archives and fiction will be very welcomed. Possible areas of investigation will include, but are not limited to:

  • The archival impulse in (hyper)contemporary literature;
  • Notion of Archive: perspectives and (in)definitions;
  • Archives in fiction and archive fictions;
  • Archive genres (e.g. documentary novel, historical and/or archaeological novel, detective novel, epistolary novel, (auto)biography, diary, autofiction);
  • Archive and memory / history and identity;
  • (I)materialities of the archive. Archive forms and transformations and the advent of new cyber textualities;
  • (Self)portraits of the writer as an archivist;
  • The archive document in fiction: inscription, transcription, reframing;
  • Archives and fiction of the Self;
  • Archive, trauma and testimonial literature;
  • Archive, intermedialities and multimodality.

    We invite all interested researchers to submit their presentation proposals by 15th July, 2023 (to be delivered in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French), provided they fall within the scope of the conference.

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